Published:29/08/2006 CASTINE & ERR CLASSICS AUGUST 2006

On August 2nd 2001 an S&S Perpetual Trophy was presented in the presence of Olin

Stephens II to the CYY for the fastest S&S yacht participating each year in the Castine Classic Yacht Feeder race. Since that date the trophy has been awarded to the following yachts:

2001Windalier     2002Madrigal 48’ yawl     2003 NY32 Siren

2004 Valiant 12m  2005 NY32 Siren             2006 NY32 Falcon

Almost 100 classic and vintage yachts turned up to participate in the Brooklin – Camden, Castine Feeder and Eggemoggin Reach regattas early in August 2006 despite the desperate lack of wind the first two days which caused multiple retirements and agonising hours of discipline covering only a mile. Yachts were divided into Classes Classic A for those over 42’, Classic B, C, Spirit of Tradition and Int. 6m.. Designs ranged in date from 1905 to the present day and included such designers as Herreshoff, Giles, S&S, , Rhodes, Hunt, Tripp, Hoyt, Hood, Neilson, Crocker, Atkin, Stevens, Taylor, Reimers, Paine, White and of course Fife. Indeed there was a fairly representative history of classic yachting present.

S&S was extremely well represented by the following vessels:

No less than five NY32s which had attended the 70 the Anniversary Symposium at Castine (Gentian, Falcon, Siren, Gaucho, Saphire). Mermaid  a 46’ ketch, Duster a 48’ classic, Fidelio a 38’ yawl, Fofer a similar 38’ yawl, Cimarron  a 42’6” 1969 yawl, Puffin II a 39’10” yawl, Arabesque a 38’ Derecktor built yawl 1959, Montanna a new Morris 36, Sweetness a 33’ Knutson Pilot, Crackerjack a 35’ Hinckley built yawl, Seguin an impeccable bright varnished 42’6” sloop in only one ownership since she was built by Paul Luke in 1967, and the Big Daddy of the S&S fleet the famous Blitzen a 55’ vintage sloop built by Nevins in 1938. All things considered this is a pretty impressive fleet for one designer -  unmatched by any other of course!



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