Published:18/05/2006 Notice of 12TH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

To be held on 4th June 2006 starting at 9 am in Treguier France

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  1. Apologies for Absence.
  1. Matters arising from last the minutes.
  1. Chairman’s Report. (John Bailey).
  1. Hon Sec Report. (in the absence of an Hon Sec this will be dealt with by way of the Chairman’s report).
  1. Hon Treasurers Report. (Bruno Taylor).
    1. Accounts 2005 – 6 (motion to accept).
    2. Membership update.
    3. Budget 2006-7 (discussion and motion for approval).
    4. Review and discussion on level of membership fee.
  1. Areas Secretaries Report (5 mins each)
    1. UK (David Olley).
    2. Benelux (Rob Snoeks).
    3. Scandinavia (Fredrick Eckstrom).
    4. France (Herve Elies).
    5. Italy (Matteo Salamon resigning. Temporary replacement found).
    6. USA East / West (acting Patrick Matthiesen).
  1. Strategy going forward, discussion lead by Chairman.
    1. Change in focus (Do we change to interest groups e.g. SHE Swan Tartan Classics or remain in geographical groups?).
    2. Changes to the management structure / officers and roles.
    3. Communications. Wave- Year book – Web site.
    4. Do we offer value for the membership fee? If not how can we improve?
    5. Increasing revenues by commercial activities. Should we do this and in what areas?
  1. Changes to the Constitution. (A number of changes are felt required to bring the constitution and organisational structure up to date. Each change will be debated and voted on. Copies of the current constitution are on the web site).

  1. Election of Officers.
    1. Chairman (acting incumbent).
    2. Hon Sec (vacant post).
    3. Hon Membership Sec. (new post).
    4. Hon Webmaster (acting incumbent).
    5. Hon UK Sec (D Olley retiring. Vacant post).
    6. Hon Mediterranean (Matteo Salamon resigning. Vacant post).
    7. Hon USA East Coast (acting incumbent).
    8. Hon USA West Coast (vacant post).
  1. Any other business (please try to let the Chairman know of any AOB in advance of the meeting to facilitate timing)
  1. Date and place of next AGM

The meeting is scheduled to end by 11 am.

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