Published:26/03/2006 New classics event in Sicily - invitation for S&S designs to attend

Yachting Memories – Trophy Florio. Assembly of Classic Boats. Siracusa 13 – 16 July 2006

The Lega Navale Italiana of Siracusa is organizing a nassembly of Classic Boats on July 13-16 2006. Classic Boats are considered those designed before and not after the year 1975.


13 July 2006 10.00 18.00 Enrollments
Welcome Cocktails
14 July 2006 10.30 Regatta on the markers
18.00 Guided tour of Ortigia (historical center)
15 July 2006 10.00 Regatta coastal (10 miles) Siracusa – Arenella
Followed by Swim/ take in some sun and award ceremony provided by Circolo Velico Costa del Sole (Arenella)
15 July 2006 10.30 Regatta on the markers
20.00 Award Ceremonyand Gala Dinner

Fundamental Requirements:

All entered boats must be designed before and not after the year 1975. The year of construction does not represent a limitation in the participation, subsequently, all of the yachts designed before 1975 will be able to be included.The material of the construction of the boat does not constitute motive for exclusion. In case of substantial structural alterations or either obvious precariousness of the hull or of its instrumentation, the organizing committee will be able to judge whether or not the boat is acceptable. The boats participating should possess the safety requirements and rules/regulations for a navigation within 6 miles. The tax for enrollment is 25 euro.

Regulations of the Regatta:

The regattas will be carried out in the respect of the regulation ISAF 2004-2007.
Listings will come drafted in compensated time.
The rating will be attributed by the organizing committee.
There are three categories based on the size of the boats.
The first three boats of three categories will be awarded.
There will also be prizes for the boats with significant historical importance andbest show of restoration and capabilities.

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