Published:07/06/2006 Member's Meeting in Treguier June 2-4 2006

SSS = ?..............Soleil, Saveurs de Bretagne et Sympathie!
62 members and their wives met at Treguier as the guests of the Secretary for France, Hervé Elies. After a month of inclement weather Hervé consulted the runes and with Breton magic organised three cloudless hot days. Attendees were enchanted to be whisked though the verdant countryside down narrow lanes by charabanc and onto a vedette to see the outlying islands and their prolific avian tenants of many species. The weekend devolved in party mood into a gastronomic festival washed down copiously with wines from the Loire region. On the first night, after opening cocktails, guests decamped to a variety of local restaurants which all seemed to be run by members of Hervé’s family. Excellent soupe de poisson was followed either by moules or oysters, red mullet or sea bass, and a variety of deserts. On the Saturday we were regaled to a Michelin starred quality lunch impeccably served in the luxurious surroundings of Lan Kerellac a Relais & Chateaux location with one Michelin star. A short walk along the rose granite coast was barely enough to settle the digestion before, decanted once again in Treguier, it was time for a four hour dinner with speeches at the Hotel Aiguemarine where all the guests departed around midnight fully sated. For the first time no one had the heart for a quay party aboard Baccarat.

The following morning after an ample breakfast at 0930 buses departed for the member’s meeting. The Acting Chairman having been detained in the UK by an unfortunate mishap it was resolved to appoint our former chairman, Rob Snoeks, to play the role, but alas after so much fun Rob could not find the venue, and we, the committee sent out a search and rescue party to retrieve the lost crew member. Alas at 1005 hrs with coffee running low it was decided to abandon Rob to the delights of Treguier and so a proxy chairman was appointed in the guise of the benevolent Richard Pease, who, rising to the task, whisked us good humourdly through in barely 70 minutes. Fortunately the use of a mobile phone rather than an EPIRB allowed us to recover Rob aboard in the interim at 1022! Since a full agenda with motions had not been submitted to the membership together with the annual accounts it was resolved to defer all major business to a future Committee Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting to be held within six months.

The final coup de grace came in the form of a lunch at Hervé’s son’s restaurant L’Hangar where members were regaled to the biggest plateaux de fruits de mer on record. I believe that no table of four managed to completely demolish this Lucullian fare! Meanwhile a message of solidarity from Olin was received mid fest by Patrick Matthiesen who standing on a chair read it out aloud to the assembled members. The text will be republished in the near future.

It was thought last year after the events in Helsinki that it was improbable that we would all have a more enjoyable time. Hervé proved us all wrong for which we thank both him and his gracious wife, Marie, profusely.
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